Your Story

This is for you, who has a special story to tell.  

•    Share with us that special story or moment you wish had lasted forever. From your story, a piece of jewellery, we will be born.
•    If you have a special piece of jewellery you would like to renew, share its story with us. While redesigning that piece of jewellery, we treasure its original story.

You share your story with us; we share the entire process of creation: from history to jewellery.

Transforming your story into a piece of jewellery includes three phases:
1.     Know your story very well: together we’ll decide which elements are more striking and symbolic; 2.    These elements are then drawn by the designer and we work with you until the final design is approved.
3.    The approved design is passed on to the craftsman, who reproduces it manually. This phase is accompanied by the designer in order to ensure the final result is a reflection of your story.

Together, we will make your story eternal through a unique piece of jewellery.
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