OXUM Participates in the Ponte de Lima Monthly Fair

The Ponte de Lima Monthly Fair is held on the fourth Sunday of each month and OXUM  started participating in it on the September 22nd, 2019. Located on a magnificent space along the Lima river, the Fair has a high reputation due to the excellent quality of the handcrafted products, which obviously leads many people to pay it a visit.

New to the event, the first steps are always the most difficult ones. The search for the right place, the logistics and the unknown surroundings are a challenge. Fortunately, and as it is usual in these events, there is a lot of solidarity and support from the artisans who see newcomers in trouble. Heartwarming!

Then, the strollers walk along the fair, they look, they praise, or maybe not. It is It’s always a surprise. Each person looks with different eyes. Until the moment  when a special client arrives, graduated in Fine Arts, she told me later, who looks, who sees and who gives our work the highest praise.

It filled my heart. I couldn't resist asking her for a hug; she accepted. I asked her to take a photo, she authorized it. Thrilled by her words, I forgot to ask her name. A nameless moment, but full of emotion.

Thank you! These are the moments that give us the strength and the courage to continue on this path.


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