Today, we celebrate!

In 2014, two women decide to join forces! Goal: to be able to portray an idea, a dream, in a concrete way; it involved jewellery and crafts. 

How to make it happen? Naturally, it would mean creating jewellery with story. Our stories portrayed through handcrafted pieces of jewellery. This is the only way it would make sense for us.

Our stories are our traditions,  they define us and create roots in our culture. In this context, OXUM - Atelier de Joalharia is born. 

We started with one of the most well-known traditions in Minho, in Northern Portugal. The “Sweetheart Handkerchiefs” tradition (“Lenços de Namorados”).

Inspired by this tradition, in 2015 we started to develop the first line of the first collection, named Audaçias.

On August 10th, 2015, OXUM Atelier de Joalharia becomes a registered trademark.

And it’s in 2016 that the first line of the Audaçias’ collection is launched: Eternus.

On April 20th, 2016 Audaçias becomes  a registered trademark.


And our pieces of jewellery with story continue. Inspired by the “Bride’s Handkerchief“ (“Lenço da Noiva”), the second line of the Audaçias’ collection is launched: Novius.

In 2018, another tradition inspired us: the Viana traditional embroidery.The Vianense   collection is launched.

 In homage to the legend that gave the city its name, we have the ViAna, ViAurora, ViAmélia  creations, among many others.

The richness of the “Minho Sweetheart Handkerchiefs” (“Lenços de Namorados do Minho”) continues to inspire us and so in 2020 another line from the Audaçias’ collection is born:  Aboinense.

And here we are, August 10th, 2021, six years of the OXUM Atelier de Joalharia’s brand.

We will continue to perpetuate traditions by creating handcrafted jewellery, ensuring the perfect connection between timeless design and craftsmanship. Innovation keeps tradition alive! 

Today, we celebrate!

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