St. Valentine’s Story

To us, the story of St. Valentine – a legend to some – means audacity for love!

In the 3rd century, Emperor Claudius II banned marriage because he believed it was easier to form an army with young single man. But a Roman bishop continued to celebrate weddings in secret. His name was Valentine!

Valentine was discovered and sentenced to death. While in prison, he received messages from young people telling him that they believed in love. One of them, the jailer's daughter, was blind and she was allowed to visit him. They fell in love, of course, and miraculously she regained her sight.

Equally famous is the letter Valentine wrote to her signed "from your Valentine".

February 14th celebrates the day of his death (14-02-270) and love.

This is the perfect time to remember our audacious women from Minho who declared themselves through the art of embroidery. The embroidered handkerchief was offered to the one who stole their heart as proof of love.

Love is king and audacious. See our Audaçias collection here, a tribute to women and love.

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