OXUM celebrates the month of love with the Novius Solitaire

Women dream, jewellery is born!

Our jewellery is  entirely inspired by the authenticity of the “Sweetheart Handkerchiefs” - always handmade, always with an unexpected and truly contemporary touch.

The Novius Solitaire ring, inspired by the popularly known “Bride’s Handkerchief”, that belongs to the “Lenços de Namorados do Minho” (Sweetheart Handkerchiefs) tradition. This one tradition, reveals the strength of women: in a society that oppresses them, they dare to defy conventions and become masters of their destiny by declaring themselves to the one who makes their heart beat faster! A Simple line inspired by the stem stitch, so many emotions. Each piece of jewellery is unique because it is carefully handcrafted, with time, with passion.

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